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Piña Pineapple Fiber Blend Fabric Convertible Aladdin Unisex Pants Swirl Pattern (also in Brown)

  • $3700

Pineapple fiber fabric (called Piña in Filipino) blended with cotton, is light, airy, and somewhat softer and smoother to the touch than regular cotton - perfect for warm climate. These convertible pants have drawstring on either side to pull the legs up to shorten the length of the pants that yield a totally new look. The pants feature printed oriental spiral "Kanok" pattern that resemble hand paint design.

These pants equipped with elastic waist with drawstring for convenience and flexibility. The pants have two side pockets on either sides and stretchy cuff legs for ultimate mobility.

- Waist max : elastic with drawstring fit up to 40" (101 cm)
- Hip max : up to 42" (107 cm)
- Length : 39" (99 cm)

Care Instruction
Machine washable with delicate settings. Separately wash in cold or lukewarm water. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Hang to dry. Medium iron setting if needed (most people don't).

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