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Huni Kuin Samauma Amazonian Tribal Hapé / Rapé / Rapeh Brazilian Sacred Powder Powerful Shamanic Snuff 10 gram Free Worldwide Shipping!

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This powerful rapé is made from the Samauma tree* by the Huni Kuin Tribe from the Brazilian Amazon forest. Energetically, this powerful cleansing rapé brings balance. It connects our roots with the spiritual world and brings a very strong spiritual connection and protection. It is used for balancing energies in the body mind and spirit. This acts as a harmonizing agent for the thoughts, feelings emotions, and is great for centering on an intention during ceremony. It is used to empower intentions and healing abilities, and to connect with the spirit world, which is great for people who work as healers. It is also used to connect us with our roots and to communicate with nature. It is extremely beneficial for the root, heart, third eye chakras.

Physically, this rapé has a pleasing yet strong flavor. Watering of the eyes come almost immediately followed by a deep powerful feeling throughout the entire head and body. Tendency to purge is minimal, but some time is needed to reground after the experience. It is used as a diuretic, headaches, and to strengthen the organs.

* Samauma or Samaúma (Ceiba pentranda) is seen as the Mother of all trees and the Forest Queen, the greatest of them all and gives shade to others. This tree is well known spiritually and has always been present in local rituals and myths. They believe that it has magical powers to protect other trees and forest inhabitants. Some beliefs say that Samaúma is the seat of the spirits that live in the forest. It is also commonly known as the "Tree of Life" and "Ladder of Heaven", creating a connection between Heaven and Earth.

All of our rapés are ethically sourced from indigenous people and intentionally produced with the wisdom, intentions, and prayers of their humble people that want to continue living in harmony with our Mother Earth.

- 10 gram (0.35 oz) of rapé, ethically sourced from indigenous people
- Contained in a clear glass jar, 4.3cm (1.7") diameter, 4cm (1.6") tall
- Sealed with metal lit
- Gross weight with the container, about 62g
- Free Worldwide Shipping!

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