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Mini Dress Minimalist Circle Design Race Back Crinkle Cotton (Purple)

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Crinkle cotton is designed to provide comfort in the heat of summer by preventing the fabric to stick to the skin, allowing your skin to breathe. Since it's meant to be worn with wrinkles, it doesn't need to be iron ever! Perfect for travel or when you don't have time to iron. It's the summer lover's fabric of choice that this mini dress is made of, all 100% of it. The dress is decorated with circular ruffles for a warm homemade feel, and extra trimming around the neck for a neater look. It is shaped to gently curve around your waist and hip for an overall proper sexy silhouette.


Size M  (US size 6-10)
- Bust: 34" (86 cm) to 37" (94 cm)
- Waist: fit up to 31" (79 cm)
- Hip: fit up to 39" (99 cm)
- Length: 34" (86 cm)

* The female model has 34" (86 cm) bust wearing size M

Care Instruction
Machine washable in cold or lukewarm water. Do not tumble dry. Hang to dry. No need to iron, ever!

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