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Organic Cotton Thai Fisherman Pants Plain Color (Gray SOL)

  • $2500 USD

*Unisex, Fit 5'6" - 5'11" (168 - 180 cm) tall person (see here for extra long length)

These special Thai fisherman pants are made from 100% premium-grade cotton with extra soft feel. Our sewn-in matching fabric belt is longer than anyone to fit a wide range of body sizes. Understated elegant design with high level craftsmanship and material, these minimalist wrap around pants are so pleasing to wear and versatile in all situation.

It is known that Thai fisherman pants are perfect for those that seek comfortable loose fitting clothes. They can be worn anytime day or night, whenever you are looking for that comfortable feeling. Their light and 'airy' feel makes them ideal for hot climates and comfortable for almost any activity not requiring better protection, while still looking very respectable in all occasion.

They are truly unisex and fit most people as they are extra wide and tied at the waist, extra material is rolled down over the belt to control the length. But if you find most fisherman pants too short for you, check out our extra long length here. Here is how to wear fisherman pants.

- Length before fold over : 43" (110 cm) from the top to the bottom hem [Ideal fit for a person with the height between 5'6" - 5'11" (168 - 180 cm)]
- Waist : wrap-around fit up to 46" (116 cm) with 65" (165 cm) long belt

Care Instruction
Machine washable in cold or lukewarm water. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Hang to dry. Medium iron setting.

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